D&I Champions

Francisco I., Diversity and Inclusion Champion in Kellogg Latin America

Francisco I. is proud to go to work every day. He not only serves as the Senior Manager of Finance (P&A) at Kellogg’s Latin America headquarters in Mexico, but has also been the co-chair of the K-Pride & Allies business employee resource group (B/ERG) since it launched in June, 2016. The group is focused on creating a culture of inclusion and acceptance of LGBTQ employees within Kellogg, and is working alongside other B/ERGs to advance diversity across the company.

“Being gay myself, it is something that I found amazing when I first heard about it,” he said of the K-Pride & Allies group. “I found it incredible that I was working for an organization where I am appreciated and where I can be fully myself.” Last year he marched with others from Kellogg in Mexico City’s Pride Parade, an unprecedented moment for him.

Francisco says that this open and accepting approach has not only been immensely rewarding on a personal level, but also drives business results by allowing employees to fully engage with their work, without the distraction of having to hide parts of their identity.

“We have to build an environment where no one feels they have to leave something of themselves at the door in order to contribute to the company,” he said. Since K-Pride & Allies was launched, he has seen discussions among colleagues about LGBTQ issues become more open and relaxed.

It’s important work for Francisco, both inside and outside of Kellogg office doors. Across Latin America, LGBTQ people still face serious issues of violence and discrimination. “We want to be a public forum within our community to send a message of diversity and inclusion,” he said.

Miriam O., Diversity and Inclusion Champion in Kellogg North America

When Miriam O., Senior Talent Acquisition Advisor, first moved to the United States from her native Mexico at the age of 19, she did not find success alone. “I had great support from people helping me to learn English and get my first job,” said Miriam. It’s one of the reasons that the Chicago resident is so involved with business employee resource groups, like HOLA! at Kellogg, and other community-based inclusion groups.

“I try to give back and to provide the support that was given to me when I came here,” she said.

Throughout her ten years at Kellogg, Miriam has been involved in the growing Latino and Hispanic community at the company and is now co-chair of ChicagHOLA and, the local chapter of HOLA!.

Her work with HOLA! is not only about personal fulfillment, but also building up the entire company.

“I’m passionate about diversity and passionate about giving Latinos and Hispanics an opportunity because it is so good for the company,” she said. “It’s a huge opportunity for us. Latinos are the fastest growing minority in the US. The more representation we have, the more we will be able to capitalize on those markets.”

Miriam and other Research and Development leaders recently launched a Latino cohort within the R&D division with the aim of getting more people involved and building up the talent pipeline. The cohort now meets once a month to highlight the career paths of senior Latino employees, discuss various issues and find ways to support each other.

The cohort has been a great success so far, and has also allowed Miriam more personal contact with some of the employees she helped hire. “Knowing that, hey, you were looking for a job and – I didn’t do it alone – but I helped you get into the company,” she said. “It’s a part of my job that I absolutely adore.”