Business Employee Resource Groups

Business Employee Resource Groups Expand Across the Globe

Over the past year, Kellogg’s network of business employee resource groups (B/ERGs) has continued to expand to new territories and develop a more inclusive culture for employees around the world. B/ERG leaders plan to continue with this momentum in the months and years ahead to further enhance Kellogg’s diverse and inclusive workplace.

In Latin America, the K-Pride & Allies (KPA) B/ERG was launched in the region’s Mexico headquarters last year. Since the launch, the group has been busy collaborating with internal and external stakeholders to raise awareness of LGBTQ issues. In 2017, KPA launched a new chapter in Toluca, held a conference to commemorate International Day Against Homophobia, and is preparing to launch a “Proud Ally” training. The training is an opportunity to learn how to be a better ally for minorities/underrepresented groups, and especially members of the LGBTQ community.

Women of Kellogg (WOK) has also been busy in Latin America this year, with a second anniversary launch celebration. The event highlighted inter-generational connections among Kellogg employees and included several expert speakers and networking events. The group plans to continue, and expand, its job shadowing program to help female employees gain more exposure across the company.

WOK has also been active in the Asia Pacific region. To mark International Women’s Day on March 8, WOK chapters across the region collaborated on #beboldforchange, a social media campaign highlighting women’s empowerment. WOK Asia Pacific has also launched new initiatives. WOKMATCH, a nine-month mentoring program, matches junior female employees with senior managers of both genders and is focused on specific issues like work-life balance and communication skills. Another new program, Life Coaching, provides a twelve module e-learning program for senior Kellogg women, covering a range of topics specific to female employees.

These B/ERGs have all received positive feedback and engagement, but there is still work to be done and the culture of B/ERGs across Kellogg will continue to grow to new areas. For example, the Young Professionals (YP) group, which focuses on building the career foundation for young employees, launched in Latin America this June. YP leaders intend to focus on several initiatives: Commercial Moonlighting, a regional contest for innovative commercial ideas; KTalks, a series of talks by internal and external speakers aimed at building a cross-generational mindset in the workplace; and, membership building.

Kellogg North America’s B/ERGs Continue Growth

Over the past year, Kellogg North America’s diversity and inclusion efforts continued to expand and broaden through the energy and initiatives of the region’s many business employee resource groups (B/ERGs).

In March, the Young Professionals (YP) group held its National Kick-Off event that celebrated the YP vision: “Lead with a global mindset and the soul of an entrepreneur.” Event attendees learned about Kellogg’s new venture capital fund, eighteen94 capital, which is focused on cutting-edge food trends. During the event, attendees were also introduced to the company’s very first acquisition, Kuli Kuli and its founder Lisa Curtis. It was a well-received event that provided YP members an opportunity to see entrepreneurship in action.

The Women of Kellogg (WOK) group has continued to produce engaging events, including an event in May that focused on work-life balance and attracted over 300 participants. WOK is also leading a year-long initiative to support the Breakfasts for Better Days program through member-supported events at food banks and food donation drives.

Meanwhile, Kapable (Individuals with Disabilities and Supporters) is still making strides toward its mission of creating a more open dialogue around disabilities in the workplace. Over the past year, the group has held a range of events, pursued recruiting partnerships and packaging improvement forums, and worked with local community agencies. Nearly three years after its launch, Kapable continues to support our company’s 2020 growth plan by fostering a diverse, inclusive community of passionate people working to make a difference.

Finally, the Kellogg African-American Resource Group (KAARG), has continued to build off its strong momentum in 2016 to launch its “Strategic Influence” curriculum in 2017. The group kicked off the year with a talk by Dr. Jimmy Davis on building strong relationships as a foundation for influence. KAARG has also teamed up with other B/ERGs, like HOLA!, to present best-in-class examples of inclusive marketing. KAARG sessions have helped shape team-building exercises among senior management teams and the group continues to fulfill its mission by encouraging Kellogg to have difficult, but productive conversations about race relations in the workplace.

Together, these B/ERGs are stretching the bounds of Kellogg culture to be more diverse and inclusive, and there is no doubt the company will continue to flourish and grow in the years to come.