Employee Resource Groups

Our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) play a critical role in our vision to enrich and delight through foods and brands that matter. ERGs offer Kellogg employees support, networking and development opportunities that contribute to the strength of our business.

A senior company executive sponsors each ERG, helping link the members with our business and our strategies to drive business sustainability and organizational success.  Kellogg currently has eight Employee Resource Groups:  HOLA (Kellogg Latino ERG), Kapable (People with Disabilities & Supporters), KAARG (Kellogg African American Resource Group), KMERG (Kellogg Multinational ERG), KPride & Allies (LGBT & Straight Allies), KVets & Supporters (Military Service & Supporters), WOK (Women of Kellogg) and YP (Young Professionals).

HOLA — Latino & Hispanic Employee Resource Group


KAPABLE — People with Disabilities & Supporters Employee Resource Group


KAARG — Kellogg African-American Employee Resource Group


K-MERG Kellogg Multinational Employee Resource Group


K-Pride & Allies 


KVets & Supporters

K-Vets & Supporters

WOK — Women of Kellogg

Women of Kellogg

Young Professionals

Young Professionals