Ad Campaign Highlights the Diversity of UK Families

Every family is different. And, they each have their own unique recipe for the perfect bowl of Corn Flakes—drenched in honey, with hot milk, or topped with peanut butter.

Kellogg’s “My Perfect Bowl” campaign, launched in January and sought to highlight both the diversity of families and the many unique ways that people eat Corn Flakes across the country. The campaign, which included the brand’s first TV ad in five years, features real families from a variety of backgrounds, all talking about their favorite ways to eat Corn Flakes.

“People think that diversity is the norm now on TV, particularly in the UK,” said Jessica C., Assistant Brand Manager at Kellogg. “But, too often, the conversation about inclusion and diversity is framed as a tick-box exercise or haphazard afterthought.” Instead, she said, Kellogg’s and ad company Leo Burnett decided to put “genuine diversity and inclusion at the heart of the campaign by showcasing real people.”

The ads are focused on documentary-style interviews, among nine different families, individuals, and groups of friends, across racial and social lines. One of the ads, featuring a same-sex couple, was especially well-received and prompted national media coverage.

By matching a well-known cereal with people from a range of backgrounds, the campaign also helped to challenge preconceived notions about what a “traditional” UK family looks like today. The social media component of the campaign, #myperfectbowl, allows consumers to share their perfect Corn Flakes recipe, and has also sparked direct diversity-based conversations between the Company and consumers.

“For the first time, we are having a two-way conversation with consumers and we are delighted that fans of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes are happy to share their perfect bowls with us and the nation,” said Jessica. The message seems to be resonating. The Corn Flakes brand, which has seen sales decline for several years, saw a boost in sales as high as 15% since the campaign launched.