Expanding our Parental Leave Policy

In January 2017, Kellogg’s new parental leave policy went into effect in North America, increasing the total possible paid time off for parental leave from one week to four weeks. This enhancement is available to both new moms and new dads. Overall, paid maternity leave, including the enhanced parental leave, jumped from 10 weeks to 14 weeks. The new parental leave policy also covers adoptive parents and is applied retroactively to children of employees born after August 1, 2016.

The changes were not only “the right thing to do,” said Shawn Zimmerman, HR Vice President for North America, “but a move by Kellogg to ensure we are competitive in areas where we do business and compete for talent. As our demographics change we need to ensure we have policies that are competitive and meet the needs of our employees and prospective employees,” he said.

The issue of parental leave in the United States has received increased attention over recent years and many companies have responded with expanded parental leave policies. Zimmerman, in close collaboration with the KNA Compensation and Benefits team, is actively monitoring emerging trends and new, standard HR policies across multiple industries, while actively working to understand how they affect Kellogg’s ability to attract and retain talent.

“Looking at external trends, we have the opportunity to decide if these changes align with our values and make good business sense,” said Zimmerman.

As workforce demographics continue to change and workplace policies become more inclusive, Kellogg will continue to look for more flexible HR policies that emphasize an “owner’s mindset” Zimmerman said.

“This is just the beginning,” he said. “High-performing companies are spending less time policing where people take time off and, instead, trusting their employees to be accountable to deliver on their commitments while managing their personal time.”