Every day, Kellogg employees work together to fulfill our vision of enriching and delighting the world through foods and brands that matter. The reason they matter is that we don’t just make delicious, high-quality foods. We’re also focused on making a difference. That’s why we are dedicated to nourishing with our foods, feeding people in need and nurturing our planet, all while living our founder’s values.

When W.K. Kellogg gave away virtually all his wealth to the Kellogg Foundation in 1930, he created a legacy that lives on today. Not only does one of the world’s largest charities bear his name, but his legacy – and his values – also live on in the heart and soul of our company.

We know that the greatest impact we can have is with our foods - reducing hunger and working with others to improve the sustainability of our ingredients. We'll be doing both as we create 3 billion better days by 2025 as part of our global Breakfasts for Better Days commitments. From donating food to people in need to making sure kids start the day with healthy breakfasts to supporting farmers around the world who grow our ingredients, look for us to continue Mr. Kellogg's legacy and our recently announced Kellogg's Global Breakfast Food Beliefs.

2016/2017 Global Reporting Initiative Index

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  • Learn how we are inspired by our food beliefs, support health and well-being, increase transparency, ensure food quality and safety and market responsibly.

    Download: Nourishing with Our Foods
  • We are fighting hunger through school breakfast clubs and employee volunteerism, while supporting charitable organizations.

    Download: Feeding People in Need
  • We do all we can to protect the long-term availability of the ingredients we use in our foods, and the livelihoods of the people who grow them. 

    Download: Nurturing Our Planet
  • We live our founder's values by operating ethically, protecting human rights and embracing diversity and inclusion.

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