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As a socially responsible company, we aim to nourish our consumers, employees, customers, communities and the environment so that they can flourish and thrive. Our 2013 Corporate Responsibility Report documents our continuing global progress in four key performance areas, or pillars: Marketplace, Workplace, Environment and Community.

In addition to a review of the company’ s philanthropic efforts in the area of hunger relief, the 2013 Corporate Responsibility report features information on key workplace performance such as the company’s commitment to keeping employees safe, progress on the company’s environmental sustainability goals, including a new palm oil commitment, and ongoing work to supporting diverse suppliers in the marketplace.

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At Kellogg Company, we know that corporate responsibility is essential to our current and future success as a business. That’s why we have created strategies, governance structures, corporate policies, commitment statements and codes of conduct that help to embed corporate responsibility into our everyday operations. And, we regularly engage with a broad array of stakeholders to gain insights into the ideas and opinions of people outside of our company.

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