Business Employee Resource Groups

Around The Globe, Kellogg’s Business/Employee Resource Groups Continue to be Catalysts for Business Growth

Kellogg’s strong network of Business/Employee Resource Groups (B/ERGs) is a critical part of the company’s evolving efforts to extend diversity, inclusion and belonging across the company. Around the world, these groups are working in innovative ways to help our long-term goals on growth and inclusion become a reality.

In 2018, the Kellogg Latin America B/ERGs were busy advancing the diversity & inclusion agenda across multiple fronts. Our Women of Kellogg (WOK) in Latin America continued to participate in Networking Together, Mexico’s first organized cross-sector effort to support gender equality, which WOK helped create in 2017. Networking Together consists of 35 companies that meet every two months to share best practices on building a workplace that is more inclusive of women. The program has allowed WOK leaders to better support the company’s efforts to improve talent attraction and retention among female employees, thereby helping to enable future growth.

“This has been a great experience to expand my external perspective and have the opportunity to learn from other companies and build my network,” said Roxana M. of the initiative.

Also in Latin America, Young Professionals (YP) led Business Encounters, a networking program for YP members at the Queretaro, Mexico office to meet executive leaders. Each module focuses on a specific theme, and has fostered collaboration across business functions, helping to support growth at Kellogg. “Business Encounters is giving us the opportunity to meet with highly recognized people in the company who contribute to our development,” said one program participant.

For the third year in a row, Kellogg Latin America’s K-Pride & Allies (KPA) continued to participate in the Mexico City Pride Parade. The 2018 parade drew 50 Kellogg employees, the largest contingent yet, and also included Toucan Sam, marking the first time one of the Kellogg characters has participated in this event. In the Asia Pacific region, WOK continued to improve its “” initiative, a mentoring program started last year that matches high-potential junior female employees with more senior men and women in the company. In 2018, the program increased in duration from eight months to one year, and also added mentor profiles to further benefit their mentees. The aim of the program, which has received overwhelmingly positive feedback, is to grow the pipeline of future female leaders and reach the 2020 goal for equal gender representation at the manager level.

“This program gave us a different viewpoint & opportunity to grow up,” said one of the mentee participants.

In October of 2018, K-Pride & Allies announced the launch of its first European chapter, in the U.K. The new chapter was announced on National Coming Out Day, and has already attracted dozens of members. Kellogg also partnered with Stonewall, Britain’s largest LGBTQ charity and campaign group, to help ensure HR policies meet best practices and improve the existing network for LGBTQ employees and allies. As part of the partnership, Kellogg will enter the Workplace Equality Index, Stonewall’s annual report benchmarking the most inclusive organizations in Britain.

“This is so overdue,” said Jane K., a KPA member. “I’m so pleased we are starting this network and I look forward to the many ways it will support our inclusion work.” Also in Europe, WOK focused on expanding cultural diversity conversations in 2018, notably through its annual InKlusion conference, which highlighted the power of cultural differences in the workplace.


Business/Employee Resource Groups Across North America Add Value to Kellogg Operations

In 2018, Kellogg’s growing network of Business/Employee Resource Groups (B/ERGs) continued to support the company’s diversity & inclusion efforts and long-term growth and innovation initiatives.

For example, the Kapable B/ERG whose focus is supporting individuals with disabilities and their caregivers, teamed up with the Kellogg Snacks Business Unit to expand the accessibility of the Rice Krispies Treat “Love Notes” campaign. By partnering with Kapable, the Rice Krispies Treat team realized that the campaign, which included a heart-shaped space on treat wrappers for personalized notes from parents to their children, unintentionally excluded the 62,000 blind and low-vision children across the US. Kapable worked with the Kellogg team and the National Federation of the Blind to create customized Braille and audio ‘love notes’ as part of the campaign. The accessible “Love Notes” campaign included a sticker sheet of eight uplifting phrases in Braille to ensure that every child can receive a warm message from their parents at lunchtime.

“As the global demographic profile continues to rapidly shift, it is imperative that we leverage our Business Employee Resource Groups (B/ERG’s) to gain critical insight, drive results and positively impact business strategies,” said Shaughn K., Sr. Manager D&I and B/ERG Coordinator. “At Kellogg, we expect our B/ERG’s to thrive and achieve objectives that are an essential component to our organizations success.”

Other B/ERGs were also involved in shaping Kellogg products and marketing this year. Kellogg African American Resource Group (KAARG) launched a series of training sessions that focused on creating culturally-sensitive marketing content. The training reached over 100 employees, and KAARG has since been involved in marketing reviews for cultural sensitivity.

Kellogg Multicultural Employee Resource Group (KMERG) facilitated a global trend flavors event with the Kellogg Culinary Exploration Team that aimed to fuel creative inspiration and drive innovation for future growth.

KPride & Allies (KPA) worked directly with senior executives to create a marketing plan around annual Pride Parade events that would engage LGBTQ consumers and allies.

“I am a Kellogg employee, a Kellogg consumer and a member of the LGBTQ community,” said one KPA member. “I have experienced prejudice at other jobs and it was truly amazing to receive acceptance here at Kellogg.”

Members of HOLA have been working to provide insights on the Latino/Hispanic consumer, one of the fastest-growing groups in the US, to a variety of Kellogg divisions. HOLA developed a survey to provide feedback on products and marketing, and the group has helped provide insights that have influenced the pipeline of future Cheez-It products relevant to the Latino/Hispanic community.

As part of International Women’s Day in March, our Woman of Kellogg (WOK) resource group organized a speaking event featuring Pam Cohen, an expert on gender diversity and its impact on a company’s financial success. About 800 people attended the event in person and there were over 300 watch parties in seven countries. KVets & Supporters, our veteran resource group partnered with other B/ERGS across the country to develop some innovative initiatives, including the launch of Kellogg’s first Mental Health Awareness Month. The initiative was a joint effort between KVETS and Kapable, and highlighted PTSD and its effects on both soldiers and civilians. Finally, the Young Professionals (YP) B/ERG staged several events centered around the theme of “Embracing Entrepreneurship”. YP chapters around the country hosted start-up leaders to share lessons learned, and B/ERG members also worked with Kellogg’s Innovation Marketing to provide feedback on products and ideas to drive the Snacks business into the future.