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Kellogg’s BERGs find connection, meaning and impact across the globe

In a challenging year worldwide, Kellogg’s Business Employee Resource Groups (BERGs) found innovative ways to continue their work, even as the pandemic forced radical changes in how we live and work together.

In the Latin American region, K-Pride & Allies broke new ground with its "Diverse Families” social media video, posted under Kellogg’s master brand during Pride Month. The video featured real-life employee families from all backgrounds – including gay and lesbian couples, single moms and heterosexual couples – to celebrate our ED&I efforts in the LGBTQ+ community and send a message of inclusivity and acceptance.

“When your company shows how proud they are for who you are, it gives you a sense of belonging, of knowing you are right where you should be.” -Arturo F., KPride & Allies Latin America Co-chair

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The Young Professionals (YP) BERG extended its reach in Latin America, formally integrating groups in the Pacific and Brazil units to the already stablished groups of Mexico and Central America, consolidating a truly regional scope. As one of the first regional initiatives, YP launched the first Early Career Mentoring Program for KLA, building 29 mentoring relationships and strengthening the capabilities of rising young talents.

KLA’s Women of Kellogg (WOK) team brought their insights to a wider stage as a participant in the Women Economic Forum – Iberoamérica conference, bringing together private sector, non-govermental organizations (NGOs), governmental and media leaders in the region.

According to the RANKING PAR (a Latin America organization that annually ranks the gender equality performance of public and private companies), WOK also led Kellogg to be recognized as the best company in the food and beverage industry, along with receiving the acknowledgement as one of the best companies with 1000 employees, and one of the top 10 private companies in Mexico.

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In the AMEA region, WOK focused on mental health, an increasingly important issue for everyone in 2020 under the ongoing strain of the pandemic. WOK teams across the region staged a week-long, all-inclusive series of activities centered on the theme of “Mental Wellbeing in the New Normal” to mark the week around World Mental Health Day, on October 10. Each country brought their own unique flavor to WOK’s World Mental Health Week.

In South Africa, a respected family physician spoke about coping mechanisms during the pandemic; teams in India and Taiwan taught online yoga sessions for employees; and in Australia, employees exchanged stories and tips in wellbeing workshops.

“Would like to really congratulate you for the fantastic session today! Extremely well-coordinated and very motivating. I have started to learn yoga online in lockdown, but today’s session was a real amalgam of mind and body that I could use to practice every day.” Madhavi T., Senior Associate Director, Nutrition & Scientific Affairs, Emerging Market

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WOK AMEA also released a video featuring employees talking about living a life of positivity and meaning, even during challenging times. In addition, they launched a campaign through the Achievers platform, an internal, global platform where every Kellogg employee has the opportunity to instantly recognize their colleagues on different topics. WOK AMEA used the Achievers platform to give employees a space to recognize colleagues who have adopted new ways of self-care and caring for others. That campaign reached 20% engagement among AMEA employees.

BERGs in the Kellogg Europe (KEU) region also found ways to adapt to the “new normal” of 2020 by shifting their panels and events to the virtual space. Each regional BERG, which are now active in every KEU location and market, hosted four pan-European virtual panels tied to International Women’s Day, Multicultural Day and PRIDE month, as well as a discussion of racial justice. The panels featured Kellogg employees sharing their authentic stories and experiences and attracted between 100-250 attendees each.

KEU’s BERGs – Multicultural, Gender 50:50 and K-Pride & Allies – also activated an Achievers campaign following each panel, resulting in over 200 employee recognitions. The panels, more than just an internal-facing event, also served to create awareness and honest discussions around ED&I that are linked to real change, like achieving gender parity and expanding recruitment approaches to include more diverse candidates.