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Global & Local Health Authorities

Kellogg actively participates in initiatives at the global, national and local level intended to enhance the health of our consumers.

In some countries where we operate, governments have established voluntary pledges tied to the nutrition composition of packaged food products.

Our Recent Work

In France, Kellogg signed on in late 2010 to the Programme National Nutrition Santé (French National Nutrition and Health Program). The French government implemented the program with a goal of improving public health and reducing risk factors for chronic diseases such as obesity and diabetes. As part of that program, we have committed to enhance the nutrition profile of 20 of our products sold in France by 2014.

In the U.K., we have joined the government’s Public Health Responsibility Deal, which aims to improve public health through collaboration with the food industry. Kellogg signed this pledge in March 2011, along with a number of our peer food manufacturers, with a goal of reducing sodium levels to 450 mg per 100 grams of food or below by the end of 2012.

In Australia, we’re committed to the ongoing Food and Health Dialogue, a government, industry and public health initiative aimed at addressing poor dietary habits and making healthier food choices easier and more accessible for all Australians. We’re reducing sodium in our cereals that exceed 400 mgs of sodium per 100 grams. We have committed to a 15 percent sodium reduction on these products by the end of 2013.