Kellogg Company Ready-to-eat Cereal Nutrition Policy

At Kellogg, we believe our role is to give consumers information they need to make informed dietary choices for both themselves and their families. We also believe that all foods can have a place in the diet — with balance and moderation. These concepts are core to our Kellogg Company Read-to-eat Cereal Nutrition Policy. We review this policy every year to ensure we provide nutrition information in a transparent and open manner.

Our Company Policy

We are committed to providing an extensive choice of brands worldwide that can help consumers meet their nutrition needs and also provide great taste.

  • Decades of nutrition science show that all foods have a place in the diet with balance and moderation, and when coupled with exercise they can be an integral part of a healthy lifestyle.
  • The addition of nutritional components plays a positive role in the diet of consumers. Our brands are nutritionally enhanced in keeping with the following considerations:
    • a. The use of science-based evidence.
    • b. National laws and regulations.
    • c. The nutritional needs and dietary habits of the population.
    • d. Technical feasibility.
  • We believe that the enjoyment and appeal of our brands are essential if they are to make a nutritional contribution to the diets of consumers.
  • We will keep abreast of the ongoing scientific advancements in nutrition and food research and take this into account as we strive to enhance existing brands and develop new brands.
  • We will work with governments and health authorities to help ensure that public health considerations are taken into account.
  • We are committed to providing nutrition information and communicating with our consumers in a transparent and open manner so that they can make well-informed food choices.