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Kellogg Funded Symposiums & Meetings

Kellogg has an ongoing commitment to educating health care professionals on important and emerging nutrition developments and issues. Over the years we have developed scores of communications materials and education programs for dietitians, nutritionists and others who can impart the importance of good nutrition habits, such as eating a healthy breakfast.

Recent initiatives

In Canada, we have been hosting scientific symposia for a number of educational forums, including Annual Conferences for Dietitians of Canada, the Canadian Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation, the Canadian Nutrition Society and the Canadian Pharmacists Association. We have also implemented a comprehensive program to educate health care professionals on the benefits of wheat bran fiber in promoting regularity.

In the U.S., we’re partners with the nonprofit School Nutrition Foundation in its “Webinar Wednesdays” series, which offers continuing education to some 55,000 school nutritionists. We also coordinate and sponsor activities at the School Nutrition Association’s annual Child Nutrition Industry Conference and participate in state meetings, presenting on topics such as vegetarian nutrition and the benefits of breakfast.

In the Netherlands, we hosted an event in September 2011 called “Going for the Grain” that gathered health and nutrition professionals, policymakers and scientists to discuss the latest research on grain and fiber in relation to cereals.

In Australia, we joined forces with the Dietitians Association of Australia on an education campaign that tied fiber intake to a reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

In Mexico, the Kellogg Nutrition & Health Institute (Instituto de Nutrición y Salud) celebrated its fifth anniversary in 2011.The Institute provides scholarships, offers symposia and awards grants for nutrition research.