Special K Rebrands To Connect With Women Of Today

Kellogg’s Special K brand has long been synonymous with women and weight loss. But, as body image standards continue to evolve around the world, many brands are changing their approach to better reflect the concerns of women today.

Kellogg’s has responded to these shifts with a global relaunch of the Special K brand, one more focused on women’s nutrition. The new Special K brand is focused on creating foods to help every woman live life at full strength.

“The question was, how can we redefine the brand and offer something truly relevant to this new woman who is not worried about just body shape anymore?” said Jimena S., Brand Manager for Special K Latin America, which rolled out the rebrand earlier this year.

“We aim to become an ally in women´s nutrition and encourage them to achieve everything they want, whatever that might be,” said Jimena.

One challenge of the campaign, Jimena says, is that Kellogg didn’t want to simply replace old stereotypes for new ones. “Before it was all about being feminine, being a good wife and good mother. Now many brands are still talking to women the same way, telling them that they need to be strong and run a marathon. We need to move away from stereotypes” she said. “Every woman is unique. Let them find their inner strength to go after what they think is best.”

“In Latin America, the rebranding comes at an exciting time for women, when there is more female representation in the workplace and more discussion of gender equality. But there is still much progress to be made.

“More than ever before, women are free to express themselves as they truly are,” added Jimena. “But the pressure placed on women is still there.”

Eggo Campaign Puts Latino/Hispanic Families at the Center

In the United States, the Latino/Hispanic population is one of the fastest growing racial or ethinic groups within the US, offering an opportunity for brands to better connect with new consumers.

“Eggo is seeing strong sales and an increase in Latino/Hispanic household penetration, but that penetration is not keeping pace with the overall growth rate of Latino/Hispanic families in the US,” said Amani B., Senior Brand Manager. “We saw that there was an opportunity to increase Eggo awareness with this growing consumer base.”

In order to better connect with the Latino/Hispanic market, Amani and her team worked to, for the first time, design an Eggo marketing campaign with Hispanic cultural insights at the center.

“In the past, we have done shadow shoots with Spanish speaking cast. But, that doesn’t give the brand the opportunity to truly connect with this consumer by creating advertising that is culturally relevant,” said Amani.

For the latest Eggo campaign, which began airing in June, Amani and her team worked with internal and external research partners to gather specific consumer insights. They also enlisted the help of HOLA, the Kellogg Business/Employee Resource Group focused on Hispanic/Latinos, which encompasses many nationalities, to help reflect the many nuances found across Hispanic/Latino cultures.

Amani and her team used these insights to craft a message specifically targeted at Hispanic consumers alongside the launch of the new Eggo campaign, “L’Eggo Your Eggo.” The new ad Features a little girl sharing her Eggo waffle with her dad during a critical, and exciting, moment in a football (soccer) match.

“This new L’Eggo Your Eggo” campaign centers around the idea that while you like keeping them for yourself, Eggo waffles are too good not to share,” she explained. “That actually resonates much better with the Hispanic consumer because, culturally, food is a very communal experience.”

Preliminary results from the campaign indicate improved engagement within this segment, and Amani says that the brand team plans to increase investment across television, digital and social to better market to Hispanic consumers. As Kellogg continues to evolve its approach to marketing, this type of culturally-insightful marketing could provide a map for future growth.

“Obviously, representation matters. When you’re a minority, when you see yourself and your life reflected back to you on TV, it feels more relevant,” she added. “And as we learn from this approach we will be better able to reflect the diversity of our consumer base.”

Kellogg Teams Up With Researchers To Promote Healthier Habits During Ramadan

Each year, Muslims around the world commemorate the holy month of Ramadan by fasting between the hours of dawn and dusk. Ramadan is one of the most important periods of the year in Muslim communities, but it can also be physically challenging.

Many people actually tend to gain weight and may have increased cholesterol levels during Ramadan because they become more sedentary during fasting hours and overeat during Iftar, the evening fast-breaking meal. Some people also often skip Suhoor, the meal served before dawn, which can lead to falling blood sugar levels or dehydration throughout the day.

In the interest of finding ways to provide better nutritional guidance during Ramadan, team members from the Kellogg Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region teamed up with local professors in the United Arab Emirates to research the benefits of high fiber meals.

“Research done on health and nutrition in the Middle East is very scarce and so there was a need for studies that could shed some light on certain nutrition related topics,” said Toine H., EMEA Director of Nutrition Sciences.

Toine, along with Product Developer Basma A., worked with Dr. Ayesha Al Dhaheri of the United Arab Emirates University to run a scientific study on the nutritional effects of eating Kellogg’s All-Bran Raisins and Flakes, a high-fiber cereal, during the Suhoor meal of Ramadan.

During the study, researchers found that study participants who ate All-Bran during Suhoor reported lower levels of hunger around noon, better digestion, and lower levels of total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol, as compared with the people that did not consume All-Bran. They also consumed about 26 grams of fiber daily, the daily recommended amount, compared to only 18 grams per day in the group not eating All-Bran.

Based on these successful findings, Kellogg’s team members worked to disseminate the benefits of a fiber-rich diet during Ramadan to scientists and officials from the Middle East, including the National Nutrition Institute of Egypt and the responsible Minister of the UAE.

“Evidence is strong that a high-fiber Suhoor will help people to have an easier and healthier Ramadan, which is why it’s so important that we share this information with everyone who wants to fast healthier during Ramadan,” said Toine.

Kellogg’s Southeast Asia Puts the Focus on Working Moms in Thailand for Mother’s Day Ad

Today, nearly half of the working population in Thailand is female, the highest percentage in the region. But as more and more women enter the workforce, they are often torn between spending time with their children and working to provide and create a brighter future for them.

Earlier this year, Kellogg’s Southeast Asia partnered with the J. Walter Thompson Singapore advertising firm to investigate the motivations and aspirations of working moms in Thailand. The team interviewed local moms and found that, while many were pressed for time throughout the day, mornings are a particularly stressful time as they rush to get themselves and their children ready for the day. As a result, many working moms often skip the traditional Thai breakfast of a warm rice dish.

Based on these cultural insights, JWT created a special Mother’s Day ad campaign that celebrates working moms in Thailand and highlights the power of eating breakfast together as a family. The ad opens with interviews with the young children as they reveal that their moms are often too busy to eat breakfast in the morning. Later, they children surprise their working moms with an emotional breakfast in the Kellogg’s office.

The ad showed an innovative approach to connecting with consumers on a personal and emotional level. “As the social landscape continues to change, more people are choosing brands that connect with their personal values and lifestyle choices,” explained Jessa R., Category Manager Southeast Asia. “Kellogg’s wants to support busy working moms by offering a convenient, yet tasty breakfast solution that helps nourish their family and make every morning great.”