Kellogg Latin America Makes Its Brand Premiere at Mexico City's Pride Parade

This year marked the second time Kellogg Latin America marched in Mexico City’s annual Pride Parade, and the first year a Kellogg brand, Pringles, also participated.

“We wanted to show that we are not shy anymore and that Kellogg is a proud ally of the LGBTQ community,” said Alberto O., Innovation Brand Manager and co-founder of the regional chapter of K-Pride & Allies, the LGBTQ-focused Business/Employee Resource Group.

The team launched a Pringles activation at the June event, which included a rainbow-themed pre-parade digital campaign. The digital campaign’s hashtag – #CelebraTuSabor (or #CelebrateYourFlavor) – aimed to reflect and celebrate the individuality and diversity of perspectives within the LGBTQ community. At the parade, approximately 45 Kellogg employees and external aides helped to hand out sample Pringles products and wore branded t-shirts with supportive-LGBTQ messaging.

Overall, the response was overwhelmingly positive. The campaign generated over 940,000 impressions and nearly 80 percent of posts were positive sentiments. There were some negative comments, but Alberto says that these differences in opinion are actually a sign of success.

“We knew we were taking a risk,” he said. “But that was the intention, to start a conversation.” The campaign brings some of the work KLA has done on LGBTQ equality internally to an external audience. Ultimately, these efforts are aimed at creating more diversity and inclusion within the organization and among its customer base.

“The work isn’t over yet,” said Alberto. “We still have a long way to go, but the most important learning from the campaign was that we have to keep doing it.”

The team is already planning to make next year’s event even bigger and better.

Kellogg Embraces Chinese Newcomers in Canada

Between July 2015 and July 2016, Canada welcomed a record-breaking 320,000 new Canadians to the country. That number is likely to rise, as immigration and refugee movements increase around the world. Chinese immigrants, along with Southeast Asians, make up the largest group of new arrivals to Canada.

For Kellogg Canada, a more diverse and inclusive consumer base that welcomes new immigrants is an important driver of growth. So, the Kellogg’s Masterbrand team set out in 2017 to give a special welcome to new Canadians.

First, Kellogg partnered with Welcome Pack Canada, a direct marketing program that distributes a free consumer and information package to new immigrants, reaching about 30,000 newcomers with coupons and advertisements from a range of Canadian companies.

The team also identified another unique opportunity in 2017, the “Year of the Rooster”, under the traditional Chinese calendar.

To recognize the year, the team launched a special-edition Chinese New Year pack of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes cereal that used the brand’s iconic mascot, Cornelius the Rooster, in a stylized design referencing holiday traditions.

“It was as though the stars aligned,” said Everardo A., Kellogg’s Masterbrand Brand Manager.

The special-edition pack helped to raise household penetration for Kellogg’s Corn Flakes and won a design award for Best Brand Packaging at the Packaging and Consortium’s 2017 Canadian Leadership Awards.

“The Chinese Canadian community has made an immeasurable contribution to Canada,” said Lores T., Executive Sponsor of The Kellogg Canada Diversity & Inclusion Council. “The special-edition pack and our partnership with Welcome Pack Canada exemplifies our commitment to welcoming new Canadians and helping nourish a great start for them and their families in Canada.”

Ad Campaign Highlights the Diversity of UK Families

Every family is different. And, they each have their own unique recipe for the perfect bowl of Corn Flakes—drenched in honey, with hot milk, or topped with peanut butter.

Kellogg’s “My Perfect Bowl” campaign, launched in January and sought to highlight both the diversity of families and the many unique ways that people eat Corn Flakes across the country. The campaign, which included the brand’s first TV ad in five years, features real families from a variety of backgrounds, all talking about their favorite ways to eat Corn Flakes.

“People think that diversity is the norm now on TV, particularly in the UK,” said Jessica C., Assistant Brand Manager at Kellogg. “But, too often, the conversation about inclusion and diversity is framed as a tick-box exercise or haphazard afterthought.” Instead, she said, Kellogg’s and ad agency Leo Burnett decided to put “genuine diversity and inclusion at the heart of the campaign by showcasing real people.”

The ads are focused on documentary-style interviews, among nine different families, individuals, and groups of friends, across racial and social lines. One of the ads, featuring a same-sex couple, was especially well-received and prompted national media coverage.

By matching a well-known cereal with people from a range of backgrounds, the campaign also helped to challenge preconceived notions about what a “traditional” UK family looks like today. The social media component of the campaign, #myperfectbowl, allows consumers to share their perfect Corn Flakes recipe, and has also sparked direct diversity-based conversations between the Company and consumers.

“For the first time, we are having a two-way conversation with consumers and we are delighted that fans of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes are happy to share their perfect bowls with us and the nation,” said Jessica. The message seems to be resonating. The Corn Flakes brand, which has seen sales decline for several years, saw a boost in sales as high as 15% since the campaign launched.

Women’s Australian Football League and Special K Team Up to Break Boundaries On and Off the Field

In February 2017, the sports world in Australia greatly expanded with the creation of the country’s first women’s football league. Since then, the Women’s Australian Football League (AFLW) has continued to draw sell-out crowds and earn high ratings.

As the official Breakfast Cereal and Breakfast Snack partner of AFLW, Kellogg’s Special K™ had a unique role to play in the new boundary-breaking league. “We wanted to use this sports partnership to provide authentic support of women, championing gender evolution,” said Tamara H., Marketing Director ANZ.

The AFLW partnership is part of Special K’s #OwnIt campaign, which seeks to inspire a more positive self-image in women, rather than try to conform to the unrealistic physical standards often presented in media and advertising. In advance of the campaign, a Special K #OwnIt survey found that seven out of ten Australian women have at least one “I hate my body” moment each week.

The message of the campaign, reflected in the path-paving players of AFLW, is focused on female empowerment and bringing more diversity to the perception of women in society. “Special K believes it has a role to play in helping women achieve their full potential by providing women with nourishing foods, helping them live life at full strength,” said Tamara.

Together, the AFLW and #OwnIt campaign also help to touch on deeper societal issues, said Tamara. “Australian women are challenging category norms, making new rules for the game and are starting important conversations in the process such as television coverage and equal pay.”