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Nutrition Education Programs

We believe in the importance of consumer nutrition literacy, so we are pleased to provide education materials to help consumers make informed food choices for themselves and their families. We do this through our websites as well as through on-pack labeling initiatives and by engaging with consumer groups and health and wellness professionals.


Kellogg Australia has been running a consumer fibre education through its health professional partners such as general practitioners and dietitians. The materials, designed by our in house dietitians, highlight the importance of getting a balance of different fibres each day from a variety of different plant based foods.


In Canada, Kellogg supports the Nutrition Facts Education Campaign, a collaboration between Health Canada and the industry trade group Consumer Products of Canada. The goal is to help Canadians better understand and use nutrition labels and make informed purchasing choices.


In the U.S., we partnered with the Produce for Better Health Foundation to create the MyBowl curriculum, which was designed to help nutrition professionals help their clients eat breakfast more often, choose a balanced breakfast, and serve and eat appropriate portion sizes at breakfast. We also developed the website, “” designed to provide healthy eating and lifestyle habits for pregnant women and mothers of young children. A consumer, parents, and kid facing website,, aims to inspire students to explore exciting flavors and interesting facts about the ingredients that make their school food great.

Kellogg Company Fund is proud to partner with Action for Healthy Kids to provide 87 schools in 14 states with breakfast and Game On grants for the 2018-2019 school year. Game On specifically supports America’s schools in creating healthier school environments for students, staff and the communities they serve. This includes providing information and resources to host a successful school wellness program with the ultimate goal of getting schools to be nationally recognized as a health-promoting school.


In Mexico, the Kellogg Nutrition & Health Institute (Instituto de Nutrición y Salud Kellogg’s – INSK) is committed to promote nutrition education among Mexican consumers to help them make informed decisions in terms of healthy eating and wellbeing. For more than 10 years the Institute has worked consistently providing consumers nutrition information through different channels. Nowadays INSK has a website and active social media (Facebook (more than 60 thousand followers), Twitter and Instagram) where different topics are covered, from nutrition tips to facts about food and easy strategies to include all food groups in your diet.