Nutrition Education Programs

We believe in the importance of consumer nutrition literacy, so we are pleased to provide education materials to help consumers make informed food choices for themselves and their families. We do this through our websites as well as through on-pack labeling initiatives and by engaging with consumer groups and health care professionals.


In Australia, we are active partners in a national consumer education campaign (co-sponsored with a nongovernmental organization called The Gut Foundation) on the importance of dietary fiber in promoting regularity, especially among children.


In Canada, Kellogg supports the Nutrition Facts Education Campaign, a collaboration between Health Canada and the industry trade group Consumer Products of Canada. The goal is to help Canadians better understand and use nutrition labels and make informed purchasing choices.


In the U.S., we’re a proud member of the Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation (HWCF), a coalition of 160-plus retailers, food and beverage manufacturers, and nongovernmental organizations working to reduce rates of obesity (and childhood obesity in particular). Kellogg works to promote an online interactive program as part of the HWCF’s Together Counts program, which was designed to inspire active and healthy living. We have been showcasing the program on our Kellogg company websites and through Facebook to encourage families to pledge to exercise and eat one meal together each day.


In Mexico, the Kellogg Nutrition & Health Institute (Instituto de Nutrición y Salud Kellogg’s — INSK) is committed to promoting nutrition education to Mexican consumers to help them make healthier choices. Since 2009 the Institute has sponsored weekly broadcasts, targeting mothers, on a popular radio program with an audience of approximately 500,000. The topics cover nutrition, obesity, product labeling and related issues. In addition, INSK has a web page and social media to interact with the population about nutrition topics.

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