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Resources for Schools

We know we can play an important role as nutrition educators — particularly for children, their parents and other caregivers. After all, we have a long history of proactively encouraging health and fitness.

Recent School-based Initiatives

In the U.S., we offer a variety of support for schools, including providing foods that meet the USDA school meal regulations for nutrition; supporting school nutrition professionals with relevant tools, programs, and education; and being members of the School Nutrition Association. For more information, visit A consumer, parents, and kid facing website,, aims to inspire students to explore exciting flavors and interesting facts about the ingredients that make their school food great.

In the United Kingdom, we brought together a group of external, independent nutrition experts and education specialists to collate food and nutrition guidelines for school breakfast clubs. These guidelines were collated on the basis of the school food legislation, originally compiled by the School Food Trust, and were developed especially for breakfast in the absence of any other breakfast-specific guidance. Kellogg’s UK funded the meetings of the experts, the collation and editing, and the publication and dissemination of the guidelines to school food providers. The guidelines can be found online and are available in hard copy from our local customer services.

Breakfast for Better Days School Program

Developed  by a multidisciplinary team (nutritionists, teachers and  psychologists) with expertise on nutrition education programs, our School Program emphasizes breakfast importance, strengthen food groups concepts and how to include them in each meal to have a complete and varied diet.

The goal of the program is to promote healthy lifestyle  in the school community,  through educational materials, interactive and physical activities, everybody is invited to create awareness and put into practice a complete breakfast-  “Desayuno Ponte Pila”.

Since its creation in 2016, 145,100 Mexican children have experienced and received Breakfast for Better Days School Program information.